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Welcome to our website! For more information, or to arrange a visit, please contact Dawn on 01633 223458



When choosing a nursery please remember that you can only receive government funding when your child turns Three from a nursery who is a Registered Educational Provider like ourselves, not all nurseries are Registered to receive the funding..  

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By completing the Child's Entry Record you will provide us with information needed to enable us to take the best care of your child and help with their transition to nursery.


What you need to supply


Your child will require:


•A complete change of clothes (Several changes if potty training)


•A pair of slippers


•A pair of Wellies (Older babies, toddlers & pre-school)


•Nappies (If required)


•Bottles with formula or breast milk (If required)


•A Burleigh House sunhat (Provided by nursery, the cost of which will be put on your bill at the start of summer)


Please note: During the day at nursery the children will take part in messy activities and their clothes may get dirty or damaged. Please remember this when dressing your child!

Admissions & What you need to supply




Parents and children are encouraged to visit the nursery prior to starting. We offer an initial visit of up to 2 hours, by agreement, during which time you can discuss your needs and leave your child to settle for a short time. After this first visit we can build up the time your child stays with us to their full session.


This gives you the opportunity to meet your child's keyworker and the other members of staff who will be happy to answer any questions.