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When choosing a nursery please remember that you can only receive government funding when your child turns Three from a nursery who is a Registered Educational Provider like ourselves, not all nurseries are Registered to receive the funding..  

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The purpose of the framework is to provide support, information, guidance and

challenge for those with responsibility for the care and education of babies and

children from birth to three years.


The Framework:


•Values and celebrates babies and children


•Recognises their individuality, efforts and achievements


•Recognises that all children have from birth a need to develop, learning

through interaction with people and exploration of the world around them.

For some children, this development may be at risk because of difficulties with  

communication and interaction, cognition and learning, behavioural, emotional and

social development or sensory and physical development.

How the Framework is organised


The framework takes as its focus the Child. It has identified four Aspects. Each of the four aspects are then divided into four components, which celebrate the skills and competence of babies and young children and highlights the interrelationship between growth, learning, development and the environment in which they are cared for and educated.  


The Four aspects and their components are:


•A Strong Child


Me, myself and I, Being acknowledged and affirmed, Developing self-assurance, A sense of belonging.


•A Skilful Communicator -


Being together, Finding a voice,  Listening and responding, Making meaning.


•A Competent Learner -


Making connections, Being imaginative, Being creative, Representing.


•A Healthy Child -


Emotional well-being, Growing and developing, Keeping safe, Healthy choices.


What Is Birth to Three Framework 0-3 Years


•Recognises the 'holistic' nature of development and learning.


•Acknowledges, values and supports the adults that work with babies and young children and provides opportunities for reflection on practice.


•Informs and develops practice whilst acknowledging that working with babies and children is a complex, challenging and demanding task and that often there are no easy answers.


The 'Birth To Three Matters Framework' is a nationally recognised system and the principles which underpin the framework come from a number of sources including representative organisations, leading child care writers, experts and practitioners.


The principles of the Framework are:


•Parents and families are central to the well-being of the child.


•Relationships with other people (both adults and children) are of crucial

importance in a child's life.


•A relationship with a key person at home and in the setting is essential to young children's well-being.


•Babies and young children are social beings, they are competent learners from birth.


•Learning is a shared process and children learn most effectively when, with the support of a knowledgeable and trusted adult, they are actively involved and interested.


•Caring adults count more than resources and equipment.


•Schedules and routines must flow with the child's needs.


•Children learn when they are given appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices, and respected as autonomous and competent learners.


•Children learn by doing rather than by being told.


•Young children are vulnerable. They learn to be independent by having someone they can depend on.

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