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Activities and Developments

Our garden area is very important to us, as we believe that it is one of our greatest assets, it is an area where children can learn so much.

Our garden offers a wonderfully rich, multi-sensory environment that is meaningful, stimulating and motivating for all of our young children.


It is a different environment that works in harmony with the indoors, extending and complementing it.

Outdoor play gives children contact with the real world, enables them to learn through first hand experiences and to process their feelings, thoughts and ideas.

With this in mind we have created an environment where children can:

Jump, Balance, Manoeuvre, Stamp, Splash, Dig, Weed, Problem solve, Create, Plan, Climb, Smell, Taste, Touch, Be rough, Be gentle, Count, Harvest, Squat, Hop, Skip, Run, Fall down, Get up, Go over, Go through, Go under, Record, Sit, Be up high, Be down low, Throw, Catch, kick, Draw, Ride, Build, Dabble, Poke, Sail, Be caring, Be careless, watch, Listen, Sow seeds, Creep, Squat, Shuffle, Follow, Park cars and bikes, Stand still, Time things, Measure, Float, Chase, Hide, Peer, Talk, Negotiate, Paint, Be loud, Be quiet, Be calm, Be still, Reflect, Be responsible, Be boisterous, Rake, Learn, Sieve, and Sing.