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Mission Statement & Principles

To achieve excellence in all areas of the care and education given to the children who attend Burleigh House.

We will encourage individuals to realise their full potential through self-development and so continually improve the quality of care and learning delivered to our children.

Principles of Burleigh House
At Burleigh House we aim to provide the best day care, which, with our wide range of facilities and resources, offers a wide variety of learning opportunities, as well as:

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Recognising that the development, education and care of the children is paramount

Providing a warm, safe and stimulating environment in which all individuals feel safe, comfortable and happy

Recognising that parents are the prime educators of their children

Working in partnership with parents and encouraging parental participation

Ensuring the health and safety of children and others

Meeting all aspects of children's developmental needs

Promoting equality of opportunity

Maintaining the standards that we have set since opening in 1992

Enhancing the development and education of our children through planned learning experiences so that our children make good progress towards, and where appropriate beyond expectations

Encouraging children to explore, appreciate, understand and enjoy their natural environment