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Our Rooms

The Baby Room

Our baby unit is registered for up to 12 babies, aged 0-2 years. Our staff have the maturity, experience and warmth to form close links with you and your baby and are dedicated to working with you to provide the love and care your baby needs.

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Staff endeavor to continue the routines you have established at home with your baby.

For more information on our Baby room, please click here: Welcome to Baby Room

The Toddler Room

We are registered for up to 12 toddlers, aged 2-3 years. Here the days are more structured to give balance and provide opportunities for the children to participate in a wide range of stimulating activities.

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A copy of the toddler routine can be found on the dining room door. The Toddler unit uses a main play room, which has a home corner, a book corner as well as a variety of toys, an adjoining messy play room, where the children can experience art and craft activities as well as using the sand and water trays, and a dining room, shared with the babies.

For more information on our Toddler room, please click here: Welcome to Toddlers

The Pre School Room

We are registered for up to 20 children aged 3-5 years. Our Preschool Curriculum is structured and based on the Foundation Phase as set by the Welsh Assembly Government. It is always a priority to make learning a fun, exciting and enjoyable experience.

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The Preschool routine is displayed on the Preschool room door. The Preschool unit has a main play room which incorporates both clean and messy play

It includes a book corner, a role play area, construction toys, small world play, a listening corner, a computer corner, sand and water play, art and craft, Maths and language areas and a multi-sensory area, as well as being used as the dining area at points throughout the day. The Preschool room is inspected by ESTYN.

For more information on our Pre School room, please click here: Welcome to Pre School


The children are taught mainly through the English Language, but we encourage a knowledge and understanding of basic Welsh, and are always eager to learn new words from other cultures, especially if English is not your child's first language.

Additional Needs

We aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced learning environment that is committed to the integration of children with additional needs. Our philosophy is that all children 'with or without additional needs' should have the opportunity to develop to their full potential alongside other children in an educational environment. Our nominated ALN Co-ordinator is Emma Hart. For more information, please see our full and comprehensive policy on Special Educational Needs, located in the entrance hall.