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Policies & Procedures

Contact Details
On taking a place at the nursery, parents/carers are required to complete a Child Entry Record which includes: your child’s address, telephone number, emergency contact details, details of your child’s GP and relevant details of at least two persons authorised to collect your child. Parents/carers should notify the Manager of any change of these details.

Children’s Records
A copy of your contract and entry record will be kept in a locked file in the nursery office. Your child’s keyworker will also complete developmental records of your child. You are welcome to examine your child’s records and discuss his/her progress by making an appointment with the Manager or your child’s keyworker. Daily written reports are available for babies and toddlers.

The Health of your Child
Parents/carers are requested to keep children at home if they are suffering from infections, such as impetigo, conjunctivitis, or any illness that is likely to be infectious. For our full guidelines on attendance during infection, please see our Exclusion of Ill Children policy in the entrance hall. If your child becomes ill during the day, the nursery staff will contact you to decide the best course of action and may ask that your child is taken home and kept away from nursery for the duration of the illness.

Emergency and Hospital Treatment
If the Manager feels that your child needs hospital treatment then the situation will be assessed and an ambulance will be called. You will be contacted immediately and arrangements made for you to meet them at the hospital. You will be asked to give your permission for this to happen as part of the nursery contract

Collecting your Child from Nursery
On your child’s entry record, you must give the details of at least two authorised collectors. If you ask another person to collect your child, please make all the necessary arrangements and let us know prior to collection time and ensure that the nominated person brings identification. Nursery staff will not allow your child to leave with an unauthorised person until your permission has been obtained. All collectors must be over the age of 16.

During holiday periods such as Bank Holidays and Christmas the Nursery will be closed and normal fees are payable over these times. On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve (or on a Friday if they fall on a weekend) the nursery will close at 3pm. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause to some parents.

All parents/carers are entitled to claim half price fees for two holiday weeks during the year. Please talk to the Manager for more information on this.

Fire Precautions
The policy outlines above are for your information, to enable you to make an informed choice in the day care for your child. Our Policy documents are available for you to look at in the entrance hall of the nursery. They are reviewed on an annual basis, and comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome. Parents/carers are given a copy of our main policies on registration.

We hope that your child’s time in nursery will be a happy and productive one. If you have any queries or if we can be of any help, please contact:

Manager – Dawn Cromwell – 01633 223458 Deputy Manager – Emma Hart – 01633 223458