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Provision of Meals

A copy of the current weeks menu is on display in the entrance hall. A vegetarian option is always available and any other dietary requirements can be catered for, So please inform the nursery of any dietary needs or food allergies. Our nursery cook freshly prepares our meals daily on the premises.

Below is a sample menu, all dishes are homemade from fresh produce, cooked onsite by our Nursery Cook. Please ask for details of recipes or ingredients.


with water to drink


with juice/water/milk to drink


Homemade Pork & lentil Sausages, boiled potatoes and baked beans  

A variety of sandwiches

Fresh Fruit

Fromage Frais

Veggie option: made with Quorn sausages
Pudding: Homebaked Carrot Cake with orange icing


Homemade Pasta Bolognaise Fruit bread

Fresh Fruit

Fromage Frais

Veggie option: as above, with Quorn mince
Pudding: Homemade Apricot & Cranberry Flapjacks


Chicken Cooked Dinner, with roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy

Cheese and mixed bean tortilla quesadilla

Fresh Fruit

Fromage Frais

Veggie Option: as above, with Quorn fillet and vegetable gravy
Pudding: Ice cream with mango puree


Fish and Vegetable Cheese Pie

Eggy bread with cherry tomatoes

Fresh Fruit

Fromage Frais

Veggie Option: Cheesy vegetable Pie
Pudding: Homebaked Beetroot & chocolate cake with cream


Turkey and vegetable Curry with rice

Potato and carrot wedges with houmous dip

Fresh Fruit

Fromage Frais

Pureed fresh Fruit & Vegetables are provided each day for the younger babies.

Morning snack is provided and ranges from Breakfast Cereal for the babies, to cereals & dried/fresh fruit with a drink of Whole Pasteurised Milk or Water for the older children.

Vegetarians and those with Special Dietary Requirements are catered for.