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The Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase is a framework that is used in schools, local authority funded nurseries, playgroups and childminders throughout Wales. It is about enhancing the learning experiences, which enable children to be creative, imaginative and to have fun whilst learning.

Children are given opportunities to explore the world around them and to understand how things work through engaging in relevant practical activities which are fun and enjoyable and relevant to their developmental stages.

The Foundation Phase places greater emphasis on experiential learning, active involvement and developing each child’s.

  • skills and understanding
  • personal, social, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being, so as to develop the whole child
  • positive attitudes to learning so that children enjoy it and will want to continue with their education for longer
  • self-esteem and self-confidence to experiment, investigate, learn new things and form new relationships
  • creative, expressive and observational skills to encourage their development as individuals with different ways of responding to experiences
  • activities in the outdoors where they have first hand experience of solving real life problems and learn about conversation and sustainability

The Foundation Phase has seven Areas of Learning, where stimulating structured play activities can be woven into the learning experiences. The curriculum is built around these seven areas to support and encourage your child’s well-being and development.

Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity focuses on children learning about themselves, their relationships with other children and adults.

  • Language, literacy and communication skills focuses on children being immersed in language experiences and activities. Their skills develop through talking, signing/communicating and listening
  • Mathematical development focuses on children developing their skills, knowledge and understanding of mathematics by solving problems
  • Welsh Language development focuses on children learning to use and communicate in Welsh to the best of their ability
  • Knowledge and understanding of the World focuses on children experiencing the familiar world through enquiry and investigation
  • Physical development promotes enthusiasm and energy for movement through helping them to use their bodies effectively, by encouraging spatial awareness, balance, control and coordination and developing motor and manipulative skills
  • Creative development focuses on children developing their imagination and creativity through the curriculum. Their natural curiosity and disposition to learn is stimulated by everyday experiences